Satoya Foster is a singer, songwriter, and redemption facilitator from the New York City area. When she isn't worship directing and performing as a professional vocalist, she is creating original music with heartfelt impact. She is a soulful and expressive singer who crafts music that draws you deep into her stories. Through her vulnerability and mild defiance, she captures the heart of all within ear's reach.

As a multi passionate heart-centered creative, Satoya uses her music to explore redemption, vulnerability, and truth.

She has been an impactful speaker at women's gatherings, conferences, and youth empowerment programs where she shares her personal story of hardship, vulnerability, and redemption.

She is half of the podcasting duo for The Emergent Experience, a podcast that is geared toward women’s empowerment and personal development.

A PCOS overcomer, Satoya is the Board President for PCOS Awareness Association, which is a non profit that provides education, advocate, and provide support for the PCOS community.